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Acne treatments to avoid during pregnancy

Acne treatment is possible once you realize that its existence in the body is threatening your physical outlook. But treating pregnancy acne is really a Herculean task. Pregnancy is a delicate stage in woman’s life where she needs to take extra care of herself. Before treating herself with pregnancy acne she must equip herself with the right information.

So even the women who are in process of getting pregnant have to take care before starting any acne treatment. Before taking medications to treat pregnancy acne they should be aware of the contents of the medications which may be harmful not just to them but also to the growing fetus inside them. Following are some of the medications which expecting mothers should avoid for treatmentof pregnancy acne.

Hormonal therapy: Many of the women go for hormonal therapy. Most sought after hormonal therapy is the Spironolactone (Aldactone) acne therapy


is used as water pill which when taken a week before the start of menstrual cycle to avoid the burn of the premenstrual acne. Although this drug is found to be very efficient but FDA or other drug regulatory bodies have not accepted this. This drug is very effective to reduce the occurrence and severity of acne. It blocks the androgen hormone which will block the formation of the acne. But some of the common threats to the expectant mothers are of that can Spironolactone (Aldactone) acne therapy are:

1. Increase in danger of hyperkalemia.

2. People with the family history of ovarian cancer and all should be aware of the side effects.

3. Menstrual irregularities

4. Breast tenderness

5. Low blood pressure

These are some of the common threats to which the expectant mothers can be subjected to. Other than this people go for estrogen, flu amide etc. These hormones are also harmful to the foetus. Isotretinoin is another hormonal pill normally used to treat acne. But the women who are using this pill to treat pregnancy acne are very much vulnerable to the side effects of the pill. This pill affects the mother and the foetus growing in the womb alike.

It has been found that the expectant mothers using the pill during pregnancy period to treat acnes are more likely to deliver the babies with birth defects and they are likely to encounter the depression.

So the women who are expecting and wish to get pregnant should avoid using such pills and also if they are consuming the pills then it should be under the supervision of some experienced doctors.

Consuming Oral tetracycline such as doxycycline, tetracycline and minocycline are also not the best option to treat the pregnancy acne.

It has been proven through various tests and experiences that these pills will threaten the life of child and mother. Permanent discoloration of teeth and bone disorders are some of the effects observed.

Retinoid are also used to treat the acnes.

Tazarotene, Adapalene and Tretinoin are retinoid.

These are generally used to treat facial acnes. These retinoid can cause birth defects in unborn baby.

So be aware of the consequences of medications before thinking of beautifying your face. Don't risk the life of your unborn child just in awe of beautiful face. There is always time to treat your acne but Pregnancy is not the right time.

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